So what about the other Pallets?

Well that’s a good question, we are constantly receiving calls from businesses looking to relieve themselves of odd and broken pallets considered to be waste. Waste wood is a bigger problem than people realise for a business and the costs can be astronomical. We Pride ourselves on some of the lowest removal prices in the industry. 

We have been constantly cutting the market rate for pallet collection, recycling and currently sit around half the price of our competitors!


Bespoke pallets and cases ensure safe delivery worldwide. No more damaged goods. No more delays. No more complaints. DLS Pallets will save you time, money, and maintain your company’s reputation.

Where heat treatment is required, all of our products comply with the Timcon ISPM15 standards – providing a globally recognised seal of approval for our pallets. In addition, we have a well respected reputation for quality and delivery of service that is second to none.

We are committed to environmental sustainability, through the timber we use and in our working practices. All our staff are fully trained and work in accordance with the latest safety and quality standards.

Recycling old and broken pallets for a better environment

If your business generates excessive wooden pallets they can quickly become safety and fire hazard. DLS Pallets will come, collect and remove these pallets for recycling into reusable wooden pellets reducing the carbon footprint and making for a greener planet


DLS Pallets provides wood waste recovery and recycling in Co Limerick  this was in response to our customers problem with the disposal of damaged wood pallets and waste wood pallets.

 DLS provides customers with a cost-effective waste wood collection and recycling service.

We  re-use 100% of the wood we collect, making DLS an environmentally responsible waste wood disposal solution.

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